I’ve been active in the shota scene for about 15 years now. These days, I tend to focus on scanning and sharing shota doujinshi. I also run a couple of sites and have other projects as well. I founded Shotachan.net in 2011 as a Kusaba-X based imageboard and turned it into a forum in late 2013. After that, I decided to start a scanlations group so that we could consistently release English-translated shota work since virtually all other shota translation groups had died.

I am also very passionate about making the balls touch and am thrilled when I’m able to meet other people who have the same interests in shota. The golden age of shota communities has passed us, but I still try to remain vigilant about keeping public interest in shota alive, at least on the English side of the internet.

This site is basically a big database for me to keep track of all doujinshi I purchase. 

Sometimes I might write articles on shota-related topics too, or post small blurbs about what’s on my mind regarding scanning, sysadmin stuff, etc.

It’s a huge work-in-progress but I hope to one day have detailed metadata filled in for every entry and have references on hand for when people ask me particular questions about shota.