Bounty List

These items are extremely wanted by me. They’re pretty rare and I’m willing to pay generously to acquire them. I don’t care where you are in the world, I’ll pay for it. We’ll work something out if you have trouble accepting usual payment methods.

I can pay with Paypal, Bitcoin, Western Union, prepaid Visa cards, giftcards of your choice, or whatever method you prefer. Just contact me if you have these items and we can figure it out.

I’m a big fan of Beyblade since it’s what originally got me interested in shota aeons ago. I know it’s a shitty kids anime but I was a kid when it was airing, so what can I say? The character I’m interested in most is Max, so my taste is very specific about acquiring Beyblade items usually.

Since I was a kid and unable to buy doujinshi when this show was airing, it’s incredibly hard to find Beyblade doujins and extremely rare to find content with Max. This book is from 2003 and I’ve never seen a copy for sale in a second hand store.

Reward: $200 USD

Sometimes I collect weird stuff for novelty purposes. I didn’t have the means to purchase this back when it was available and I really really regret not buying it anyways.

It’s sold out everywhere and I’ve only seen it on Yahoo! Auctions once. I even contacted the original manufacturer and they told me it’s no longer in production. So there’s no chance of seeing this for sale in retail again.

I don’t care if it’s opened. As long as it has a decent amount of content, has the packaging and is in good condition.

Otokonoko no Anaru no Nioi
“Boy’s Anus Otoko no Ko Smell Bottle”

Manufacturer: Tamatoys (タマトイズ)

Reward: $100 USD

If you have any of these items, contact me!


Please excuse the mess. I’m in the process of reorganizing my blog so that I can share my scans directly rather than requiring people visit ExHentai or even Shotachan, both which require registration. nHentai and other places like it do not have the best quality files since they download the compressed and resampled versions from ExHentai.

Since my blog’s main function is for my own usage, there aren’t a whole lot of tags or scan release uploads yet, but that will change with some time.

Also I’m sure it’s a little slow for some people. I need to set up a CDN but haven’t gotten the time to do so yet.